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House of Renewal - Overnight stays, family reunions, business retreats, stop in for rest and refresh your spirit. Click here for website
House of Renewal
Our very own theatre!
Old Baldy - On the Lewis and Clark Trail.
Old Baldy
Scenic Byway Hiway 12
Scenic Byway Hiway 12 -
Join the Gang and ride along Nebraska's Outlaw Trail.

Lewis and Clark -
In May of 1804 the expedition sponsored by the US Government, and lead by Lewis and Clark started up the Missouri River from a camp near St. Louis. By late fall, the explorers reached what is now North Dakota and spent the winter there. The following spring they continued along the Missouri and in late summer crossed the Rocky Mountains. They obtained horses, supplies, and valuable information
from the Indians they met on their journey.
keel boat reconstruction
Keel Boat reconstruction -
RE-CREATING HISTORY: Above A.C. "Butch" Bouvier begins restoration work on the back of a 55-foot-long keelboat replica at Lewis and Clark State Park near Onawa, Iowa. Bouvier built the replica 15 year's ago for the park's annual Lewis and Clark Festival. TOP: The boat before its launch in 1988.
Monowi - HANGING ON: Elsie Eiler is the only person left in Monowi, Neb. along Highway 12 near the South Dokota Border. The Tavern is the town's only business. But Mrs. Eiler keeps Monowi incorporated out of pride and for practical reasons.
Kreycik Riverview
Kreycik Riverview Elk and Buffalo Ranch - take a wagon ride and view these majestic creatures up close.
Missouri River - great place for boating, fishing, recreation at its finest.
Corp of Discovery Center, stop and enjoy the view, learn more about Nebraska history.... and many more interesting and unique places to visit!